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Glitter Polygel Nail Kit

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sPolygel Nail Kit Package Includes:

Colors Builder Nail Gel,(15ml),Thep oly extension gel comes in 6 pink to nude shades and it has a wonderful consistency

Polygel Nail Kit

Hema free formula of u v led poly nail extension gel; Long Lasting for 28+ days

Hema free poly nail extension gel

More Poly gel Nail Designs--Easy to use and they are self leveling

Poly gel Nail Designs
how to use polygel
🐇 Cruelty Free
🌱 Vegan
✨ 95% of raw materials made in the US, Europe and Japan

1. Peut provoquer une RÉACTION ALLERGIQUE. Veuillez faire un TEST CUTANÉ à chaque fois avant de faire une manucure. Arrêtez d'utiliser immédiatement une fois que vous vous sentez mal à l'aise.

2. Veuillez NE PAS appliquer de vernis gel sur des ongles endommagés ou infectés.

3. Veuillez NE PAS trop limer les plaques à ongles ou gratter l'ancien vernis avec un outil pointu !

4. Pour protéger les cuticules/ongles, veuillez appliquer de l'huile de cuticule sur l'ongle après avoir terminé la manucure. Il est recommandé d'utiliser fréquemment l'huile à cuticules pour masser la surface de l'ongle.


1. Avant d'ouvrir le flacon, veuillez agiter le flacon pour que le gel conserve son uniformité.

2. Polissez doucement la surface de vos ongles et scellez le bord libre (peignez chaque couche sur le bord de votre ongle), cela aidera votre manucure à durer plus longtemps.

3. Lorsque vous appliquez le gel doit être mince. Plus fin - plus résistant.

4. Utilisez le même gel de marque pour le meilleur résultat, peut être utilisé avec d'autres marques mais non recommandé.

5. Il est normal que le vernis gel reste collant jusqu'à ce que vous l'essuyiez avec un nettoyant. Vous pouvez utiliser le nettoyant/alcool après durcissement de chaque couche, puis il ne sera pas collant et vous donnera une surface plus lisse.

6. Si le vernis ne s'enlève pas facilement, continuez à tremper jusqu'à ce qu'il le fasse. Vous ne devriez pas avoir à ciseler le vernis !

7. Bien serrer après utilisation.

    Brown PolyKit Colors
    Glitter PolyKit
    Glitter Polygel Kit
    Polygel extension nail
    hema free polygel
    poly gel nail designs
    Pink Polykit Colors
    Winter Polykit Color
    Glow Polygel kit

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Good consistency

    This poly gel has a great consistency and is easy to use and apply. It doesn’t have too strong of an odor either.

    Very nice!

    I'm new-ish to these types of nails, but not new to doing my own manis at home. These bottles are great! You can get one complete set of nails per bottle. They're easy to squeeze with your non dominant hand. The product is easy to manipulate, low odor, and sturdy once cured. Poly nails are tricky and it's nice that this product is thicker because if you're learning how to use the forms AND the poly gel product it can get very frustrating with a liquidy polygel product. I highly recommend this brand for newbies, and people who are looking for a lower odor acrylic alternative!

    Really Rice Polygel

    Love the soft colors and it's easy to work with. Just use small amounts and add as needed and it works very well. Highly pleased with this product. Recommend it!

    Joy Kuhns
    Beginner Friendly

    I am a poly gel novice and have only tried it a couple of times. This set was very easy to use. The gel was thick enough to stay where I put it and it was easy to maneuver with slip solution. (I purchased the uv light, brush, and slip solution in another kit- this product has just the gels by themselves.). The colors I tried were fairly translucent and I ended up painting over them in the photo I added (to hide my mistakes), but they were very natural pinks, white, and clear. I would definitely recommend this set to both beginners and experienced users.

    A Great Starters Kit!

    This gel nail builder is very easy to use. The colors are amazing. You will also need a lamp to use these so have that in mind. Overall, this is an amazing product.