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Ensemble De 6pcs - Kit Ensemble 21

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- Tenue ultra brillante pendant 14 jours, s'applique comme un vernis, se porte comme un gel, s'éteint en quelques minutes. Finition brillante miroir.
- Pas d'entailles, d'éclats ou de taches.
- Change de couleur avec les changements de température. Pas d'entailles, d'éclats ou de taches
- Nécessite un séchage sous une lampe UV ou LED.
- Veuillez noter : avec des paillettes, le produit est épais. En raison de l'éclairage et du réglage de l'écran, la couleur peut varier légèrement de l'image.

Étape 1 : Préparer et repousser les cuticules.
Étape 2 : Appliquer la couche de base AIMEILI et faire durcir sous une lampe UV pendant 1 minute, lumière LED pendant 30 secondes.Étape 3 : Appliquez la couleur AIMEILI en couche fine. Faites durcir sous lampe UV pendant 2 minutes, lumière LED pendant 30 à 60 secondes.
Étape 4 : Appliquez une deuxième couche, puis faites durcir sous lampe UV pendant 2 minutes, lumière LED pendant 30 à 60 secondes. Appliquez la troisième couche si nécessaire.
Étape 5 : Appliquez la couche de finition AIMEILI et laissez durcir sous la lampe pendant 2 minutes, lumière LED pendant 30 à 60 secondes.
Étape 6 : Essuyez la couche collante avec une lingette brillante. Étape 7 : Profitez de votre manucure de 14 jours !


🐇 Cruelty Free
🌱 Vegan
✨ 95% of raw materials made in the US, Europe and Japan

1. Peut provoquer une RÉACTION ALLERGIQUE. Veuillez faire un TEST CUTANÉ à chaque fois avant de faire une manucure. Arrêtez d'utiliser immédiatement une fois que vous vous sentez mal à l'aise.

2. Veuillez NE PAS appliquer de vernis gel sur des ongles endommagés ou infectés.

3. Veuillez NE PAS trop limer les plaques à ongles ou gratter l'ancien vernis avec un outil pointu !

4. Pour protéger les cuticules/ongles, veuillez appliquer de l'huile de cuticule sur l'ongle après avoir terminé la manucure. Il est recommandé d'utiliser fréquemment l'huile à cuticules pour masser la surface de l'ongle.


1. Avant d'ouvrir le flacon, veuillez agiter le flacon pour que le gel conserve son uniformité.

2. Polissez doucement la surface de vos ongles et scellez le bord libre (peignez chaque couche sur le bord de votre ongle), cela aidera votre manucure à durer plus longtemps.

3. Lorsque vous appliquez le gel doit être mince. Plus fin - plus résistant.

4. Utilisez le même gel de marque pour le meilleur résultat, peut être utilisé avec d'autres marques mais non recommandé.

5. Il est normal que le vernis gel reste collant jusqu'à ce que vous l'essuyiez avec un nettoyant. Vous pouvez utiliser le nettoyant/alcool après durcissement de chaque couche, puis il ne sera pas collant et vous donnera une surface plus lisse.

6. Si le vernis ne s'enlève pas facilement, continuez à tremper jusqu'à ce qu'il le fasse. Vous ne devriez pas avoir à ciseler le vernis !

7. Bien serrer après utilisation.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Really nice long lasting gel polishes!

    I bought Kit set 21.

    First time trying gel polish and I was not disappointed! I have weak brittle nails that break easily so besides daily cuticle oils, I wanted to find something that would allow me to get some growth. These gel polishes are working wonders. I'll still crack/break a nail with the gel if I hit it hard on a counter but it really does make them sturdier and stronger over-all.

    I am using these with the Aimeili base and no wipe top coat. I am using the Lumcrissy UV lamp to cure.

    Forgot to get a photo of red 010 before I applied the single layer of red sparkle 017 but it is a very nice deep red. I do not recommend the glitter colors to be used alone, it took 4 coats of 017 to get a decent color (and it reminded me of those clear jelly shoes from the 80s). However over the red it was very nice in a single coat. Would probably look great over the black as well. I don't like orange or gold so I used a single coat of gold 016 as an accent over the reddish orange 064 with some nail vinyls to get a straight line.

    Also included are photos of the bottle next to more standard nail polish bottles to show that they are smaller. However since you don't need as much polish to get the job done, I feel they will last just as long.

    Capping the free edge and avoiding flooding my cuticles I can easily get 2 weeks wear with minimal chipping. Normal nail polish chips on me in the first 2-3 days. I type all day on the computer and use my hands a lot, I do wear plastic gloves when doing the dishes. These gel polishes are nice and long lasting and a great bargain! I can't wait to buy more colors.

    Amazing <3

    I love the colors and they last just as long, if not longer than when I get them done at the salon. I love this brand and their color changing gel polish as well. It’s all I have used for years.

    Would recommend

    This was my first time trying this specific brand & I’m very pleased with the outcome. Very comparable to salon service compared to other brands I have used! The polish turned out smooth and shiny just like the pictures & description. My daughter loved her nails as well! I will definitely be buying more colors.

    Courtney Cameron
    Opaque, vibrant, long lasting colors!

    You're here searching for gel polishes, so let me save you some trouble: Aimelie's gel polishes are by far the best you'll find on Amazon. That's saying a lot - I'm a DIY nail enthusiast, and I've spent roughly 1.5 kidneys experimenting with various brands (I own hundreds of polishes at this point, bleh). To be fair, the vast majority of the gel polishes I've tried here have been decent, I can't complain. That said, Aimelie gel polishes were instantly, noticeably superior. How? Glad you asked:* Opacity: You'll probably only need one coat. Wild, right? This is where Aimelie is exceptional. I typically need three coats when I'm using similarly priced polishes purchased on Amazon. Aimelie saves time and money in this regard. Take a peek at the attached color wheel. Only the two glitter polishes feature double coats - the rest are a single coat of polish. Whoa, indeed.*Smoothness: These polishes are remarkably smooth, not at all streaky. This is a big part of why you'll generally need just one coat. Even if you take an eternity to paint the nail (like me), your brush strokes will be incognito. It all just blends together with little effort.*Lasting vibrancy: The rich color you paint won't change, fade, or dull. These colors last with high shine. Obviously, you need to apply a top coat for lasting color - but here's an anecdote. Life redirected me shortly after painting my toes with the 017 red glittery polish, sans top coat. I didn't play with it for over a week - a week later, the polish was still beautiful, even with no topcoat.Potential considerations:* Consistency: Aimelie polishes are a tad on the "runny" side. A small dab gives substantial product. You'll probably adjust to this quickly, but considering the opacity of the product, it's worth avoiding extra waste. Just FYI!I wish I had stumbled upon Aimelie polishes sooner - I wish I had a massive stock of their products because nothing else I own comes close!