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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home Step by Step

I'm going to be talking about how people removing gel polish at home
First of all, You need to break the seal on the gel polish, to do so, you need to use a nail file,and file off the top layer.
You can try to remove a lot of the gel polish using the file alone,However, you run the risk of breaking through it all the way to the nail plate and then scratching your actual nail, so it's best to just file off the top coat layer。
Make sure the nail plate is facing the remover pad.
They're easy to apply, I've been using them all year long and i love them, not only are they easy to apply but you can still manage to do some things in your life while you're wearing them, so once we've soaked our nails for 2-3 minutes,we're going to go ahead and check on them.
It’s better to peel off remaining gel stuck on the nails with wooden stick because they're weaker and more gentle, But I only have a metal pusher right now so I will do it by metal pusher,

If you find that the gel is still stuck on , don't force it off, just put the acetone back on it, and wait another 2 minutes before checking again, then you can simply flake it off with the wooden orange stick

Those nails cuticles and skin are in need of some serious rehydrating,acetone is very drying so you need to add the moisture back in.
And now you're all done, there you have it how people make when removing gel polish and how to fix them at home.