Heart Flames-Nail Art

Heart Flames-Nail Art

Recently, Heart Flames nail design is a new nail trend on Instagram, So I asked our nailcultivator to try the same one for me. It's pretty simple. 

After filing and trimming our nails I am going to use some cuticle oil and just clean up the cuticles, you don't have to cut your cuticle if you don't want to, so if you're not comfortable cutting your cuticles then all I would say is still do this step so apply some oil to your cuticles and push your cuticles back, just skip the step where I cut my cuticles.

My nails are pretty soft.So,first of all, I have to apply nail tips to my natural nails:


I'm just gonna go over my nail quickly just to make sure that they're all smoothed out, honestly, it's just rough and quick I just like it because it gives me a sort of clean base to work with.

nail file

Then use alcohol to remove all the oils that we added to our fingers because the oil will interfere with how your gel will stick to your nails, it'll actually cause it to lift it won't stick to your nail properly.

how to clean nails

So that is the first step and then when you're done putting the alcohol all over your nails, you can move on to gel base coat, put one light layer on your nail and cure for 1 minute.

You just want to coat all your nails evenly make sure you go right to the edges but not right to the cuticle, so you don't want to touch the cuticle with any of your polishes not just your base coat but even the colors or your top coat you don't want to touch your cuticles, so if you've never used gel before gel doesn't dry unless you cure it in the lamp so you can go back in if you think you didn't put enough, you can keep playing with it until you put it under the lamp so right now you're basically just painting your nails like normal, make sure there's no fluff or anything stuck on your nails because once you cure it under the lamp, it's there for good like you're not going to be able to remove it afterward, so just take a final peek before you put it under the lamp and make sure there are no fuzzies or like you have somthing stuck to your nails like a little bit of debris or something from your nail file because that will all get cured.

base coat

I am using the Aimeili nail tips, which are textures on the reverse side of the nail tips to ensure wonderful adhesive, Choose the same size nail tips as your natural nail, After polish tips must be within natural nails.


how to add nial tips

Take an appropriate amount of glue, press gently to squeeze out air bubbles, then cured for 1 minute.

nail tip glue

I'm just gonna go ahead and shape and trim all of them and then we will clean everything up around the cuticles. 

trim nail


Buff the surface of nail tips,now that we have filed and trimmed our nails.

file nail

Apply base coat, Once your gel base coat is completely cured do not touch your nails they will still feel sticky you actually want it to stay sticky because you want all those coats to sort of stick together.

apply base coat

We are going to move on to the color coat, I’m going in with a nude color, it’s really similar to my skin color, my favorite from nail addict it's called 036, I feel like it's the perfect nude color on my skin tone and I'm doing two layers (with all gel polished I highly recommend that you do two coats and if it's a really sheer color then you do three ),  I want you to start building a little extra polish near the edge of your nail, I want you to take your brush and just start dropping some excess polish near the edge of your nail. dabbing along the edge so that it gets an extra buildup of the polish, seal off that free edge, then I'm going to cure this under an led lip for 1 minute.

apply color coat

 Next, got to start using a nail art brush to draw heart flames:  I'm taking a really thin nail art brush and using some white gel polish to make the line as you can see doesn't have to be perfect, and just freehanding it pretty much, I'm going to leave the white lines shiny. I feel it gives a nice abstract look against the nude base color, if you mess up you can just wipe off and I think that's why I also really like using gel polish because it's more forgiving if you mess up. 

This pattern looks like heart flames upside down, and looks a bit like a grimace from the front, stylish& cute, by the way, I used 011 colors.

Note: As shown in the picture, the upper part should be shorter and looks better.

draw on nails

After curing the white gel polish you go over the line with some top coat and then you cure it for 1 minute and then there you have it this is the Heart Flames design. 

heart flames nail design

All right my nails are all done this is what they look like as you can see everything is nice and shiny.