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Set Of 6pcs - Kit Set 31


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  • Gel Nail Polish Gift Set Include: 6 Nude Pink Colour Nail Gel Polish (10ml each bottle) and nail boxes packaging.
  • Purple pink, nude pink, pink with white tone, neutral peachy, sheer pink, pink long lasting nail polish gel, are suitable for spring summer autumn winter and daily routine life.

  • Gloss shine and Long-Lasting: Soak off Gel Nail Polish need to be cured under nail lamp. Base coat and top coat nail polish are required.
  • Also, you could use nail prep dehydrator for long-time wearing. Average curing time suggested 30-120 secs. With proper application, you could enjoy 21 days manicure.
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  • Easy to use & Ideal Gift: With improved consistency of gel nail polish, the gel nail polish set are smooth and easy to apply.
  • The gel nail polish kit is a ideal gift for Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday, Holiday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day.
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  • Healthy Nail Polish: Natural Resin and Toxin Free Ingredient makes the nail gel polish safe to apply.
  • The gel polish kit only used for nail and Non-direct contact with the skin. Skin test before manicure is required. Wash immediately if contact occurs.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, instantly stop using and seek medical attention.
lavender nail polish
  • DIY Nail Art: Enjoy your manicure nail art time with family, friends at home.

🐇 Cruelty Free
🌱 Vegan
✨ 95% of raw materials made in the US, Europe and Japan

1. May cause ALLERGIC REACTION. Please take SKIN TEST every time before doing manicure. Discontinue using immediately once feeling uncomfortable.

2. Please DO NOT apply gel polish to nails that damaged or infected.

3. Please DO NOT over file down the nail plates or scrap off old polish with a sharp tool!

4. To protect cuticle/nails, please apply cuticle oil to nail after finishing manicure. Frequently use the cuticle oil to massage nail surface would be recommended.


1. Before you open the bottle, please shake the bottle to let the gel keep uniformity.

2. Gently buff off the surface of your nails, and seal the free edge (paint each layer on the edge of your nail), these will help your manicure last longer.

3. When you apply the gel must be thin. Thinner - stronger.

4. Use the same brand gel for the best result, can be use with other brands but not recommended.

5. It is normal for gel polish to remain sticky until you wipe it off with cleaner. You can use the cleanser/alcohol after curing each coat and then it won't be sticky and will give you a smoother surface.

6. If the polish doesn’t push off easily, continue soaking until it does. You should not have to chisel the polish off!

7. Keep tight after use.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    This really lasted even for a hand-washing maniac

    Absolutely love this gel polish.Took a chance on this one and absolutely love it. Wanted to wait until I had tried at least 2 colors and have taken it off at least once. Done. Love it. I first tried 109 and liked it. I’m wearing 120 in the pic but love nudey-pinks more so I’m going to try 119 next and maybe later it with a pink one and see :-D

    The take off process was a little difficult, but I’m new to the gel removal process so I’ll be patient with it as I try different ways. It could have also been my remover. Said it was acetone dominant but next time I’ll try 100% acetone to be sure the take off goes smoother. I have the little clips with the pads and I really do think it was the remover because I love those little clip things for taking off simple, non extension nail stuff.

    Overall I was thoroughly pleased. Especially since nothing ever lasts on my nails because of how much I wash my hands. Even despite using dish gloves to wash my dishes, it’s hard for me to keep stuff on my nails. But this def lasted and came the closest to 2 weeks.

    Anyway, try it! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised like I was :-)

    Angelina Jones

    Loved all colors that came in the set

    Greta Casper
    Guter Lack

    Toller Nagellack. Hält bei mir ca. 1 Woche. Die Farben sind schön, leider nicht alle deckend. Für den Preis bin ich aber zufrieden!

    Utterly perfect nude shades

    I have the other pack of 4 nudes so bought this 6 pack as I loved them. I really love all the shades. I haven’t tried the longevity of these but my original 4 pack were fab so I’m inclined to believe these will also be good. For reference I did 2 coats on all the swatches